My first harvest of 2022. Carrots and Brussels sprouts

With a little bit of planning, even a frosty January was a month of abundance

analog camera with pictures

I recently updated my personal website (you can find the technical article here, if you wish).

However, I also wanted to have a space on my new website where I can write things about my personal life, where I can share considerations about life, celebrate small achievements (like the one on this post) or sharing progress on the next big chapter of my life.

Without further do, let talk about something that happen this year and that it was a first time for me!

Brussels sprouts and carrots

With a little bit of planning done during a long weekend in August 2021, I managed to have the first harvest of 2022 extremely early.

As you can see from the picture, nothing crazy, just a bunch of delicious dwarf carrots and Brussels sprouts.

The Brussels sprouts I planted in late August kept producing until February. It was an amazing addition to the garden as they provided food for almost four months during the dark and freezing winter months.

The clay soil of my garden played a fundamental role, but if this experiment thought me a lesson, it was that the right plant in the right environment will always surprise you.

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